Things To Avoid In Turkey

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What should one NOT do in Turkey? What should one avoid in Turkey?

1. Renting a car and using it in a major city. Unless your perfect travel experience is being stuck in traffic in a foreign country then don’t go rent a car just to use it in Istanbul or Izmir, for example. Renting a car and using it to go from one city to another or in smaller cities is perfectly fine though. For more on car rental you can read our cheap Turkey car rental page.

2. Do not make advances to another man’s girlfriend or wife. While this applies globally there are few countries where this should be taken more seriously than in Turkey. Turkish men are a bit on the jealous side and you run the risk of a violent confrontation. Not worth it.

3. Do not bring serious and important topics in a conversation with a Turkish person until you know them well enough. This includes, sex, religion or politics. And don’t even think about trying to convince the other person that you’re right on one such topic and he’s wrong. Get to know each other first and only then, if you so wish, steer towards talking about these issues.

4. Turkish people are very persistent salesmen. Don’t fall prey to their sales tactics by accepting any of their offers without any scrutiny or by not negotiating on price in case you’d like to buy something. Often times they will try to lure you into their store from the street by being very persistent. If they keep on persisting it is best to refuse by tilting your head sideways and keep moving.

5. When it comes to bargaining, if you offer a price and the other party accepts, do not back away trying to negotiate further down. That is considered to be rude and to be perfectly honest, I agree, it IS quite rude.

6. You might now this, but if going to a mosque do take your shoes off at the entrance. This is valid for private houses as well in case you get an invitation.

7. Don’t act obnoxious. This goes a long way in every country in this world but in Turkey some foreign tourists, especially Western ones, seem to think they’re superior to the Turkish population and thus think they have the right to act snobbish and look down on Turks. That’s just stupid.

8. If you’re a woman going to Turkey, dress conservative. You don’t want to draw any unwanted attention your way.

9. Drugs. I’m sure your mom told you that as well, in general, but dealing with drugs in Turkey, in any way, shape or form, is a serious offense and there are extremely harsh penalties for it.

This concludes our article on things to avoid in Turkey. If you’ve got more to add on the topic of what not to do in Turkey then don’t hesitate to post a comment.