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So you’re going to Turkey! Wohoooo! It’s set! You’ve decided! But what now? You’re excited. But you’re on a budget and you want to find out how one can decrease the costs of their Turkish vacation? Then hang on as we’re going to offer some tips on it as well as ways to find cheap Turkey vacation packages.

Tips To Decrease The Cost Of Your Turkish Vacation

1. Book Your Flights To Turkey Online

This will be a great money saver if you book your flights right. Just book them online to cut middlemen such as travel agencies – plus, even if you replace them with an online intermediary most likely than not you’ll be better off – and book them early. I can’t stress this enough but booking flights early is the main determinant for fare price other than choosing the type of airline you’re using – mainstream, low cost or charter. Airlines sell tickets in batches, the cheapest of them go first and once they’re finished they’re gone. So get some flight tickets to Turkey as early as possible! From Europe there are also loads of charter flights to Turkey during summer as well as low cost airlines all year round; you may want to look into those as well. You can find more on this topic on our special Cheap Flights To Turkey page.

2. If You’re Not Into Sun, Warm Sandy Beaches And Summer, Visit During Off-Season

Like I said, if you’re not going to Turkey for what the warm sun has to offer in combination with the local attractions – such as great beaches – you’ll be better off going to Turkey during off-season as that’ll save you quite a bit of money. Don’t go in the middle of off-season though because you might get yourself into a harsh winter; try going just before the tourism season starts or right after it ends.

3. If You’re Looking For Rentals, Try Finding A Roommate

If you’re on a longer stay in Turkey and are trying to get a cheap apartment for yourself then you’d be better off teaming up with a roommate. Splitting housing costs in two would really improve one’s budget. We’ve wrote an article on cheap Turkey apartments and in it we offer plenty of resources where one could go and seek roommates.

4. To Save On Hotels…

… you’d be better off making a list of cheap Turkey hotels by location and visit them yourself at your destination rather than booking online in advance. You can often negotiate prices at the hotel reception and can even get deals of up to 40% off. For hotels in Eastern Turkey the same applies and it’s even more difficult to find good deals online for such hotels. Of course, if you don’t want to risk it just book online, but you’re on a budget aren’t you? For more you can check out our Cheap Turkey Hotels page.

5. To Save On Hostels, Pensions, Guest Houses & Similar Accommodation…

…you’d better book online through a hostel booking site. These sites seem to have better rates than those offered by the hostels, pensions or guest houses themselves. We also have a page where we’ve got more on cheap hostels in Turkey.

6. To Save On Turkey Car Rentals…

…check out our Cheap Turkey Car Rental tips where we have plenty to say on that.

“But wait! I came here wanting to find some cheap Turkey vacation packages. How can I do that?”

Well, finding cheap Turkey vacation packages is not that hard. You should start off offline by looking at the offers of your local travel agents. In case you have travel agencies with long histories that are owned and operated by Turkish people around where you live then that’s even better because your odds of finding a good deal on a Turkey vacation package are higher. Once you get a batch of offers from offline travel agents I recommend you to search online for such packages as well on the following sites:

1. Priceline

2. Travelocity

3. Hotwire

UK Sites Offering Cheap Turkey Vacation Packages:

1. Opodo

2. Barrhead Travel

3. Responsible Travel

4 Low Cost Holidays

Filter your searches by price to get to the cheap offers and skim through until you find the best of them. Compare between offers from different sites as well as the offers you have found offline. Choose the cheap Turkey vacation package that’s best for you.

This ends our article on cheap Turkey vacations. If you’ve got more to add on this topic then we’d be delighted to hear from you by posting a comment.

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