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Read on if you’d like to find some of the best companies that are operating cheap Turkey tours as well tips on how to find such tours. Here we go.

In Turkey you can find thousands of tours offered by a myriad of companies. Some of them are half-day tours of some city or attraction and others are full-month tours of the whole country.

1. If you’re looking for short-term – up to a day – cheap Istanbul tours – then one of the best companies for this is Backpackers Turkey. They’re based in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul and they can take you for as little as 15 EUR on half-day or full-day tours of Istanbul’s main attractions such as the city walls, the Egyptian spice bazaar, etc. They also offer tours to other Turkish attractions outside Istanbul, both for short and long periods and, as an extra service, airport transfers in Istanbul.


2. If you’re looking (notice the repetition?) more for general Turkey tours that take you through whole regions of the country then you’d be better off with a Turkey tour offered by an agency such as Rock Valley Travel Agency or Argeus Tourism & Travel. Rock Valley, for example, is a full service agency offering tours in all Turkish regions. Their top-of-the-line tour is their Cappadocia tour but they also have great tours of Eastern Turkey and for the more religious of you lot biblical Turkey tours. On the other hand, Argeus Tourism & Travel is great for longer tours that take you through several Turkish attractions scattered around the country. They have some of the best all-round Turkish tours.


3. For ANZAC tours, a reputable company offering a great tour would be the first one in this article that we’ve recommended for cheap Istanbul tours, namely Backpackers Turkey. They have an interesting ANZAC day tour that starts in Istanbul on the morning of April 24th, they take you to Gallipoli where a licensed tour guide presents you the highlights of the place, you see the ceremonies until early morning next day and you get back in Istanbul in the afternoon on the 25th of April.


4. For cheap gulet tours it is best to visit one of the following cities: Fethiye, Bodrum and Marmaris where you can find plenty of companies in the marina offering this service. All you need to do is visit the port the evening before the gulet tour, talk to the captain of the boat and ask them various questions about the trip, such as how much would it cost, what kind of people is he looking for – single, family-types, etc. – and whether lunch is included in the price of the cruise or not. Other than those three cities, one can find tours in pretty much every marina in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

5. For something special and different, we recommend you Nomad Tours Turkey. This is a company specializing in great South-Eastern Turkey Tours. They have half day tours that take you off the beaten path as well as day tours to some of the main attractions of the area or longer tours covering more such attractions. They can also arrange for cheap accommodation in the area they cover if you inquire.


6. One non-Turkish company we’ve heard is offering quality tours of Turkey at decent prices is Insight Vacations. They have an extensive site where one can search for tours by price – great for finding budget Turkey tours! – as well as number of days and city.


7. You should be wary that some Turkey tours that might seem too cheap are so because the tour operator will take you on the tour at a loss but he’ll make more than enough by touring you through souvenir shops whose owners will pay him a commission if you buy from them. Those shops are usually isolated from other similar shops so you won’t just go there and buy from the neighbor. Always inquire thoroughly on this point before booking a tour. Sure, you might learn a thing or two about gold or carpets or whatnot but you will feel like you’ve been diverted from the real things you wanted to experience and, in the end, fooled.

8. If you’re looking to hire a licensed tour guide, the going rate at the time of writing this article is 130 YTL. Not cheap by any means but you get a lot of quality for that price as licensed guides in Turkey will have to go through extensive training before given a license. If you’re on a cheap vacation by yourself it’s not worth it but if you’re going with more people then you should really consider this in some cases. Do keep in mind that other than the rate you’ll also have to pay for the accommodation, meals and transportation of the licensed guide so manage your budget carefully.

9. In the past you needed special permission to visit the medieval city of Ani. Good news: not anymore. Plus, you can buy a ticket when you’re there. For tours of Ani, you should e-mail the address below.

Tours Of Ani: celilani[at]

10. If you’re a backpacker and searching for a backpacker tour of Turkey then you’d be better off letting go, visiting the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul where you’ll meet plenty of fellow backpackers and go with the flow. This is valid for Goreme – the town with chimney-like rock formations in Capadoccia – as well and some other locations in Turkey.

This concludes our article on cheap Turkey tours. We hope this was at least a bit helpful to some of you. We’d be thrilled if you can post more tips and recommendations of cheap Turkey tours yourself in the comments.

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