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Looking for a place to stay in Turkey, something cheap, clean, simple and comfortable yet not a hostel? Well, after extensive research we’ve found some of the most recommended cheap Turkey hotels and on top of that we also offer some tips on how you can find more such hotels if you don’t like our options. We also offer some advice about Turkish hotels. Here we go.

First off, we’re going to recommend some cheap Turkey hotels for some of Turkey’s major cities.

Cheap Istanbul Hotels

1. Hanedan Hotel Istanbul

Hanedan Hotel is a bed & breakfast hotel located in the Sulatahmet district of Istanbul which is within walking distance to many of Istanbul’s attractions. It offers clean, simple rooms with private bathrooms, telephone, wireless Internet, air conditioning, non-stop hot water, safe box and more. On top of that, there’s also a refrigerator in the hotel kitchen open for visitors, a laptop available at the lobby and more. You can have breakfast on the terrace of the hotel which overlooks the Marmara Sea as well as the Hagia Sophia.

Address: Akbiyik Caddesi. Adliye Sok. No/3, Istanbul 34122, Turkey

2. Sur Hotel Istanbul

Sur Hotel is another cheap Istanbul hotel that offers great quality for price paid. Some of its amenities include clean rooms with air conditioning, cable TV, hot water, heating system, safe box, hair dryer, and more. Plus, there’s an airport pick-up service, a laundry service, safety deposit boxes, a parking place and other sweet stuff. Located in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul and easily accessible from the airport.

Address: 25 Mustafapasa Sokak | Sultanahmet, Istanbul 34400, Turkey

Cheap Ankara Hotels

1. King Guvenlik Hotel Ankara

This is one of the few quality cheap hotels in Ankara. It offers large, clean rooms with air conditioning, ADSL Internet, cable TV, safety deposit boxes as well as other amenities such as dry cleaning, indoor garage, laundry, swimming pool and more. It is also located in a quite are of Ankara, close to parks, shops, bars and restaurants.

Address: Guvenlik Caddesi no:13, Ankara 06540, Turkey

Cheap Izmir Hotels

1. Konak Saray Hotel Izmir

Konak Saray Hotel is a cheap Izmir hotel offering good value for money. It is located inside a historical building and about 15km away from the airport as well as 65km away from Ephesus and Virgin Mary’s house. It has all the amenities you could possibly want for a decent stay – satellite TV, hot running water, telephone, air conditioning, wireless Internet, minibar, safe boxes and free parking.

Address: Anafartalar cad no 635, Izmir 35240, Turkey

2. Guzel Izmir Oteli

Guzel Izmir Oteli is another hotel from Izmir that’s cheap and good. It offers all the amenities one can want from such a hotel and if you travel with a group you can ask for much better rates.

Address: 9 Eylul Meydani 1368 Sok No:8, Izmir 35230, Turkey

“I’m not going to any of those locations / I don’t like any of your recommendations for cheap hotels in Turkey. What’s left for me now?”

Don’t worry. If you don’t like what we’ve recommended then you can always do some research yourself. Just hop on some of the larger travel forums out there such as Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree or TripAdvisor’s Travel Forums and search for “cheap turkey hotels” or “cheap [insert-destination-here] hotels”. One other option is to use a hotel booking site such as Go to, search for Turkey and then use their filtering options to arrive at the cheapest hotels at your desired location. It’s that simple.

“OK, OK, enough with how to find cheap hotels in Turkey. How about some tips about Turkish hotels?”


1. There’s usually no point in booking hotels online when it comes to Turkish hotels. Both in Eastern and Western Turkey one can find plenty of hotels in central areas of town at decent prices and with plenty of available rooms. One option would be to make a list of cheap hotels from home along with their addresses and then pay a visit in person right after you got there and book a room. If you still think that this doesn’t work and would like the safety of knowing that you’ve got a hotel booked then you can go ahead and book one online.

Of course, as a note of caution, this works more in cities rather than in resort towns.

2. In Turkey there are few places with no cheap hotels but one such place is Ankara. It is quite hard to find cheap hotels in Ankara that offer quality as well so do your research thoroughly. You may also want to heed our recommendation above.

3. You can usually find better hotel deals in the Eastern part of Turkey since it is more undeveloped compared to the Western and coastal side of Turkey so costs are implicitly less and thus owners can charge less to cover them.

4. Always ask for a discount, especially if you book the hotel in person. Just negotiate at the reception and, voila!, you dramatically increase you chances of getting one. A discount can run up to 40%; that’s no chump change.

This concludes our article on cheap Turkey hotels. If you’ve got more recommendations of cheap hotels in Turkey, especially in the areas we’ve not specifically covered, or tips for travelers regarding Turkish hotels then don’t hesitate to post them as comments to this post.

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