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So you’re going to Turkey and you’re searching for cheap Turkey car rental services as well as tips on how to best rent a car in Turkey? Hopefully we can help you out a bit:

1. What are some cheap Turkey car rental companies? Well, Turkey is a country in which all the major car rental operators of this world are well set – Avis, Budget, Hertz, Auto Europe – and they also compete well in price with local operators. It is best to go safe and go with one of these major companies when renting a car in Turkey. Prices are similar in comparison to smaller operators. The only differences might arise in pick-up and drop-off charges but are not big enough to be worth the hassle.

2. If you’re still looking to use a Turkish option for car rental then you should check out Argeus Tourism & Travel. They’re able to set you up with a rental car anywhere in the country at decent rates.


3. Another good, quality site for renting a car cheap in Turkey is Economy Car Rentals. You should give them a look and compare prices with the big boys – Avis, Budget, Hertz, Auto Europe.

Cheap Turkey Car Rental:

4. In case you’d like to pick a car at the airport, it is important to have a reservation so do make one in advance.

5. “What do I need to rent a car in Turkey?” Just regular driving license. Don’t get an international driving license as it’ll only create confusion in case you show it to the police.

6. If you’re planning to rent a car in Turkey for a longer period you should be able to negotiate a discount. Even if the car rental company doesn’t offer one from the beginning you shouldn’t get discouraged and try your luck in obtaining one.

7. In Turkey diesel is cheaper than gas (petrol) so you’d be better off with a diesel rental car.

8. It might get hectic to drive inside Turkish towns, but it gets easier once you drive out of them. Most of the roads are well filled with signposts and you shouldn’t worry about missing an attraction because they’re all marked with the ubiquitous brown signposts.

7. You’d be better off not renting a car just to drive around Istanbul. Congestion in the city is a big problem. Public transportation is good enough and if you book a well placed cheap hotel, such as those in the Sultanahmet district – you’re within walking distance to most major attractions. You should check out our cheap Turkey hotels page for some tips and recommendations of Istanbul hotels.

9. Can I rent a car in another country – like, say, Greece, and use it to get into Turkey, even though I’ll drop it from where I’ve picked it? Unfortunately no. There are no car rental companies that allow this practice and even if, supposedly, you eventually find one such company it will most likely ask you for huge collateral.

This concludes our article on cheap Turkey car rental. We hope it helped some of you. If you’ve got more to add on this issue then don’t hesitate to write a comment.

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