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Hi there! Going to Turkey by any chance and looking for a cheap rental apartment in this beautiful country? Keep reading then because we’ve got some tips on how you can increase your chances in finding one.

“How & Where Can I Get a Cheap Turkey Apartment?”

To get a cheap apartment in Turkey you’ll have to use all these methods, jot down your research results and then choose the best option:

1. Craigslist. Yeah, you can just get on Craigslist and see the apartments they have available under their housing section. They have a special section for Turkey. Just roam through the classifieds and note down anything you find appropriate.


2. This site is one of the largest expat sites out there in which each country has its own classified section filled with ads for apartment rentals. Turkey makes no exception so it’s worth taking a look.


3. JustLanded. JustLanded is another good site if you’re trying to look for cheap Turkey apartments. Just go visit it, click on Housing, then on Turkey and then on For Rent > Apartments. You’ll be presented with a list with apartments for rent in Turkey. What you ned to do now is use the filtering box on the sidebar and filter your list by putting a price cap and any other restrictions you might wish. See what comes up and select what you like most for further research.


4. OwnersDirect. This is a UK based site that sorts Turkey apartments by region and by time. Another useful resource to research.


5. TurkeyRenting. This service is a directory where one can rent cheap Turkey apartments directly from the owners of such apartments. It has a comprehensive interactive map where one can search by region as well as detailed contact information for each rental.


6. You can also check out other directories specialized in apartment rentals such as ApartmentsTurkey, Holiday Velvet and Sublet for cheap Turkey rentals. For the more generic ones, just search “Turkey” to reach what you need.


7. CouchSurfing. This is a useful service for short-term stays in Turkey and it’ll also help put you in touch with locals if that’s your thing.


8. If all fails so far, you can also search for “cheap turkey rentals” or “cheap turkey apartments” on popular travel forums such as Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree or the TripAdvisor forums.

And remember: it’s best to go through all these options, bookmark or note down what you liked and select from there.

“What If I’m Interested In a Cheap Istanbul Apartment?”

If that’s what you’re looking for then besides our above list you can also use the following resources:

1. Istanbul Sweet Home. This site is specialized in offering restored apartments in Istanbul. Not exactly cheap but it’s useful in case you’re looking for good value for money type of deals.


2. Istanbul Holiday Apartments. This is a very comprehensive site offering apartments in Istanbul of various types and at various price levels. Worth a look.


3. Rooms In Istanbul. This site is owned by a company named CCD Property Management that specializes in apartment rentals for Erasmus students (European student exchange program) coming to Istanbul so this might be just the thing for you when it comes to cheap Istanbul apartments that don’t lack in quality. Do check it out.


That’s about it from us on the topic of cheap Turkey apartments. As you may have guessed, the key is in the thorough research you have to do and we hope to have offered you plenty of options to get the best results possible. In case you have more tips and suggestions related to finding cheap Turkey apartments then please post them in the comments as it’ll greatly help our visitors.

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    If you visit turkey on regular basis, get a rental apartment there, but if you are the one who likes to travel the globe and turkey is just one of the favorite destinations, ask your travel agency to book a good hotel for you, each time you plan a vacation.

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