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How about a cheap flight to Turkey? Sounds good, right? Well, we’ve got some tips on flights to Turkey, cheap flights to Turkey and how to find such flights.

1. As I’ve said in some articles on this site that also tangentially touch on this subject, getting a cheap flight to Turkey – or anywhere else – is a matter of timing. “Book early” is the rule of thumb. Most airlines sell their tickets in batches. The first batch is the batch with the cheapest tickets. Once they’re finished they move to selling the next, more expensive batch. And so on. To get the tickets from the cheapest batch you’ll need to book early. That’s all.

2. If you’re not finding any bargains for transatlantic flights to Turkey, you may want to check whether a flight to an European country followed by a low-cost flight to Turkey wouldn’t be a cheaper option. Germany would be an ideal country for this because given their large number of Turkish immigrants there are a large number of low cost airlines offering cheap flights to Turkey.

Companies offering cheap flights to Turkey from Germany: SunExpress, Condor, AirBerlin, Germanwings.

3. From England, you can find the cheapest flights to Turkey from May to October during the season. Not only are there plenty of airlines flying the route, both regular and low-cost – such as Easyjet from London – to various Turkish locations, but there are lots of charter flights to lots and lots of Turkish destinations. Most of the time it is more expensive to book a standalone charter flight ticket to Turkey than to book a cheap travel package to Turkey so weigh your options carefully and go the travel package route if you like what you found.

Companies offering cheap flights to Turkey From England: Easyjet, charter companies.

4. There are also regular airlines worth taking a look at from time to time to see if you could catch a cheap flight to Turkey on them. Regular airlines that are sometimes – rarely – offering cheap fares to Turkey are British Airways, Lufthansa or the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines.

Sites: British Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines.

5. Unfortunately there aren’t many low-cost airlines having regular flights to Turkish destinations – except major ones – during the off-season. You’d be better off taking a flight to Istanbul and from there using another transportation method – or even internal connecting flights if you find any good ones – to your desired destination. Truth be told though, there’s a good chance for you to find cheap flights to Turkey on regular airlines – as compared to their usual prices – during the worst period of the off-season, December and January.

6. Most cheap flights to Istanbul arrive at the Asian-side based Sabiha Gokcen Airport, quite far from the historical center of Istanbul and with worse transportation links to the city compared to the main Ataturk Airport. That’s a minor inconvenience though considering the money you’ll be saving on the airfare.

“I’ve tried some of the companies recommended above but I’m yet to find a cheap flight to Turkey or one that fits my needs. What else can I do?”

Well, you can always try this true and tested method of finding cheap flights:

1. You start by trying to find cheap flights to Turkey on aggregators like Yahoo! FareChase, Bing Travel or Kayak. Do that then note down the best flights you’ve found.

2. After you’ve done step one, go to the following booking engines: Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, CheapTickets, Hotwire and Orbitz if you’re flying from the US or Canada. If you’re flying from Europe, give Vayama, SkyScanner and Momondo a try. Again, note down the best flights you’ve found.

3. At last, go again through all the airlines we’ve recommended above: Easyjet, Germanwings, SunExpress, Condor, Air Berlin, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, British Airways as well as any charter airlines you can find plus Onur Air and Pegasus Airlines. Onur Air is a Turkish low-cost airline flying from Europe to many Turkish destinations. Same for Pegasus Airlines except for the fact that their internal flights are connected with Air Berlin’s flights to Turkey. You can get a flight on Air Berlin to Istanbul and then hop on right away on a Pegasus Airlines flight to a Turkish destination of your choice.

From the Netherlands, you should also check out Corendon. It is a low-cost airline offering cheap flights to Turkey.

The reason for going through all these sites is that some of these airlines are not included into the traditional booking engines or some of their flights aren’t so you may be missing on a sweet and cheap deal without even knowing it. Of course, after you’ve searched well, note down any interesting flights

4. You should now have a list containing cheap flights to Turkey. Look through their details carefully and choose the option that’s best for you.

That’s about if from us about cheap flights to Turkey. If you’ve got more on the topic of cheap Turkey flights, anything that could help our readers, then don’t hesitate to post a comment.

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